martes, 31 de julio de 2012

Opus nº8: clouds

Like a half remembered dream

You came with a soft smile and then
taught me there's love behind the stars
there's rage within the storm

There's a universe full of secrets with
Clouds covering everything

And your eyes burning with sadness
as if there was nothing to protect
but I learnt there's hope in every tear you pour
I'll carve a smile on your face with
my trembling fingers

Like a half remembered dream
I lost my memories that once were myself

What did I promise in my previous life?
I feel a part of me died the day we met

Now I must become a new doll
looking for a new soul
is it hidden in the clouds?

Now I know... 
Time it's just a half remembered dream

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Bonjour à tous! Je ne sais pas par où commencer, mais espérons que ce sera utile pour moi.