viernes, 15 de julio de 2011

Opus nº2:"Learning to hate"

Moon is a pearl in the sky
A white teardrop in the “ciel”
Oh, mother of night, keep looking at me
It´s time to hold this sweet sacrifice.

You will never love me, will you?
At least as the angels need…
You broke my wings now I´m turning into a demon
I cannot stand this painful dream

Nobody taught you the meaning of dignity
So, maybe it´s my turn
Even though pureness won´t come back

I´m gonna kill you slowly
While you are searching for the Truth
Yes, it´s hidden in the darkness of my eyes

I´m gonna kill you slowly
While I hate you this crystalline spring is blooming
Your soul is insignificant, only your blood can feed the flowers

How can my sword reach your chest?
Perhaps a last kiss would open the way, don´t stain it with dirty desire…
Ah, slept in my arms you look like a frightened kid
Lost in life, madness seems to be the salvation…

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