lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

Opus nº3: "Eternity doesn´t last forever"

Battlefield was a promise

Take your sword and follow me
Vow to stay with me
Cause nothing is what it seems to be
No. Nothing. Never

Follow me through your doubts and I´ll show you how...
I´ll teach you another way to look at the world
Don´t thank me it´s just something you should know

So, for example, rain is the clear blood of the clouds
Flowers are the wounds of the spring
And the wind...
Oh, the wind is the voice of nature
That silent melody from the fields
That cold whisper of a lonely spirit...
Can you hear it?

Within life there´s a monster called "Time"
It can be your best master or your worst enemy
But believe me, sometimes it´s simply a deception
Cause Eternity doesn´t last Forever

That´s true

 No matter, but while loving or hating 
You only want to keep alive that feeling
That´s how you tell yourself: "forever... trhough eternity!"

But Eternity doesn´t last forever

Don´t look back, come on, take my hand!
We´ll cross the forests of fear
We´ll swim in the river of sadness
Can you feel the fire? 
Now your soul is burning
Maybe you are ready
Perhaps you are saved
Saved from that lie

Eternity doesn´t last forever...

I´m not a Goddess 
However, I just want you to understand
Your pale fingers won´t touch the sky
Your eyes won´t see the Perfection

And Eternity doesn´t last forever...

Now go back, find your place and pay attention to this advice:
"Res, non verba"

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